Wynonna Judd Pulls Rank On Sister Ashley Judd Over NASTY Protest Behavior

It’s easy to see who the sensible sister is here…

While Ashley Judd was on stage spewing her vile political narrative disguised as a motivational speech for all of the “nasty women” who showed up to the March On Washington” event, her sister Wynonna had a shockingly different outlook on the situation.

The difference here is clear. Ashley wanted to impress her Hollywood liberal elitists friends, while Wynonna used a more patriotic approach and refrained from furthering the divide in America that people like Ashley Judd have helped widen.

Taste Of Country has the story:

Wynonna Judd usually uses social media to share news, bits of wisdom and faith, or to have discussions with her fans, but she found herself in a very different position on Saturday (Jan. 21). After her sister, Ashley Judd, took the stage at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., to deliver an impassioned speech denouncing President Donald Trump, Wynonna turned to Twitter to explain her own position at length.

Wynonna Judd spent much of the day Saturday explaining her own position via Twitter, making it clear that she saw the matter very differently from her sister and saying she wants to be “part of the solution, not the problem.”

Along with a string of other positive and patriotic tweets, this might be the best one from Wynonna yet. And it put her sister to shame.

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