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WHOA: Billy Bush Shocks Everyone With New Info About “Trump Tapes”

Well, isn’t this interesting?

Billy Bush allegedly boasted about the now-infamous Donald Trump hot mic tape to NBC staffers as far back as August. But it still took nearly two months – and a leak to the Washington Post – for the politically damaging footage to see the light of day.

So did the network sit on it?

The now-suspended “Today” show host told colleagues during the Olympics in Rio that there was a “tape of [Republican presidential nominee] Trump being a real dog,” The New York Post reported on Monday. Staffers at “Access Hollywood,” the show Bush co-hosted in 2005 when the crude tape was recorded, reportedly began trying to track down the recording after Bush’s brag. Bush did not tell NBC News executives about the tape, The New York Post reported.

“If he knew about the tape, and remembered the full extent of such explosive conversation with a presidential candidate and didn’t disclose that to NBC News, that is a very, very serious problem,” a source told The New York Post.

It’s unclear who else at NBC may have been aware of the tape.

H/T FoxNews

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