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Who Won Monday’s Debate? Here’s What The Polls Are Saying.

While the pundits continue to spar over who won the first presidential debate, the online polls are near-unanimous in declaring Donald Trump Monday’s winner.

Mitt Romney Joins John Kasich At Elective Eve Campaign Rally In Ohio

As Trump acknowledged in a tweet on Tuesday afternoon, polls from around the internet–including those from Time, Fortune, and the Drudge Report–show that the American people believe he had the stronger debate performance:

The polls, although unscientific, suggest that pundits claiming that Monday’s debate was a one sided affair may be out of touch with the American people.

Only one significant poll, CNN, had Clinton running ahead of Trump.

Here’s the rundown of the online polls:

Time: Trump 55, Clinton 45

Fortune: Trump 53, Clinton 47

N.J.com (New Jersey): Trump 57.5, Clinton 37.78

CNBC: Trump 68, Clinton 32

WCPO Cincinnati: Trump 57, Clinton 37

Variety: Trump 58.12, Clinton 41.88

Slate: Trump 55.18, Clinton 44.82

WKRN Nashville: Trump 64.58, Clinton 35.42

Las Vegas Sun: Trump 82, Clinton 18

Fox5 San Diego: Trump 61.45, Clinton 33.69

San Diego Tribune: Trump 65, Clinton 35

If you go to the Daily Mail, you can see that the list goes on and on.

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