While Milwaukee Burns Down, Here’s Where You Can Find Obama

No big deal, right?

(WashingtonTimes) A vacationing President Obama received an update Sunday about a night of rioting and gunfire in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, before he headed out for another round of golf.

The White House said Mr. Obama was briefed on the unrest by senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, who spoke to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

The president later departed for a golf course on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, with former NBA star Alonzo Mourning, Washington lawyer Cy Walker and Mercer Cook, a cousin of Ms. Jarrett.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. called for the National Guard to respond to the area where rioters burned cars and businesses, and some demonstrators looked for white motorists to assault.

The unrest was in response to the fatal shooting of an armed man by police Saturday afternoon.

Are you guys as excited as we are for the WORST president in the history of presidents to pack his bags, his family and his golf gear and get the hell out of the White House?

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  1. Don’t blame him for being in white WH blame the liberal even to day they think & they’re
    Preaching same old bull shit the republican are the problem. This president doesn’t give rat ass if whole America on fire,
    Look his former friend the courant mayor of
    Chicago the city is bankrupt crimes are control
    Black killing black every week 5 to10 are dead .
    All this is reflection of leadership,
    If we the people allowed thugs to run our streets we will become anther Syria

  2. What really makes me sick is he is golfing with supposed christian in Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Oh and by the way. This is the 300th round of golf for Obama since he became president. Just think of all that he may have accomplished if he actually cared about this country.

  3. What everybody is forgetting, is he is still in charge. He still can screw this country up so bad that no matter who gets elected. It willtake centuries to fix everything. Something needs to happen, and soon!

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