What The Liberal Media Won’t Tell You About Trump’s First 100 Days

This is spot-on.

President Donald Trump (it still feels great to type that) has done nothing but impress his die-hard fan base in his first 100 days as the leader of the greatest nation on earth.

We get that presidential candidates can’t always follow through on every single promise, but let us ask you this: Isn’t it nice to see a president who finally fulfills a majority of what they told us they would do during the campaign?

When was the last time that happened? Answer = never. Here are a few “grades” he’s received for important issues.

Fox News reports:

One hundred days into President Trump’s administration, it is becoming evident that when considering his base, the president has been more successful than many would like to give him credit for.

Foreign Policy: A+

President Trump’s reassertion of U.S. leadership around the world was a foundational component of his campaign, and already his style of leadership has positively changed the way our global allies view the United States.

The Supreme Court: B+

President Trump ran on the promise that if elected, he would appoint federal judges who uphold the constitution and support the Second Amendment. The nomination and appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch has accomplished just that, and will be one of President Trump’s lasting successes from his first 100 days.

Regulations, Trade and Jobs: A-

Trump promised that he would renegotiate or cancel many the United States’ trade agreements. Just this week, Canada and Mexico have agreed to begin renegotiating NAFTA, which from the outset has largely occurred on President Trump’s terms.

Immigration: B+

The president has done exactly as he said he would do with regards to immigration. Trump has proactively tried to enact a constitutionally acceptable version of the travel ban.

More importantly, however, President Trump has worked toward reforming the H1-B visa program in order to ensure that American workers will be a prioritized over foreign workers.

Finally, Trump has held steady on his promise for a wall along the U.S. Southern border, and has initiated funding talks, as well the possibility of public-private partnerships to ensure the wall’s completion.

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