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WATCH: Trump Emerges From Trump Tower… Crowd Erupts With Awesome Chant

He’s not going ANYWHERE

Amid the fallout from the leaked audio that had Donald Trump making questionable comments about women back in 2005, The Donald just walked out of Trump Tower for the first time.

And what the crowd did next speaks volumes!

We recently took a poll asking if Trump still has your support after the “hot mic” incident, and after nearly 10k votes, you’ve spoken. You’ve showed by a landslide that decade-old comments just don’t matter at this point. He’s a man. Men talk that way in the company of other men quite often.

Folks, if anything, it actually makes him appear even more like “one of the guys.”

If Donald Trump was running on his words and actions, he wouldn’t have taken down multiple opponents in the primaries. He’s as un-PC as one can be and that has taken him nearly to the finish line.

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