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Watch This Snot-Nosed Little Kid Say “Screw Our President” On Fox News

Who raised this demon?

Outside of the National Press Club, liberal hipsters gathered in force to protest President Donald Trump with foul language, garbage and poorly-worded reasons for why they were actually there.

As Fox News’ Griff Jenkins spoke with a few of these greasy-haired, trust-fund tree huggers, he had the unfortunate pleasure of interviewing a young kid who claimed he started the fire which burned several protest signs.

He obviously made his parents proud with his smart-ass remark…watch for yourself:

Who raised this little oxygen thief? Why would his parents bring him to such a foul, negative environment in the first place. He says “screw our president” but doesn’t know the first thing about politics.

It’s beyond a disgrace. You can bet that we’ll be paying for this kid’s groceries in roughly 10 years.

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