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Watch This “Bikers For Trump” BADASS Bust Through Line Of Liberal Thugs

How can I join?

One stupid trick anti-Trump liberal thugs used during inauguration ceremonies yesterday was to block entrances to various events by forming a wall of protesters.

While this worked to some degree — or at least made it tougher to get in — when a few badass dudes from “Bikers For Trump” rolled up, the scene changed drastically.

The scene below shows two things — these bikers don’t take flack from anyone, let a lone a group of oxygen-stealing hipsters. Second, when one of the anti-Trump punks said “You’re on camera!” as the biker manhandled a few of the protesters, the biker’s amazing response says it all.

See for yourself:

Share this everywhere if you support what these guys did to help make President Trump’s inauguration day a little safer.

If you’re interested in supporting Bikers For Trump, head over to their Facebook page here.

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