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WATCH: Terry Bradshaw BLASTS PC Liberals… Says The 1 Word They Hate To Hear

Terry Bradshaw: We can’t talk about JESUS anymore


Terry Bradshaw has his moments where he can say something absolutely ridiculous and then later on he says something I really like. In this instance, I do like hearing him defend the flag and the national anthem and the idea of saying Jesus over ‘I’m religious’.

Here’s the short clip that caught my eye:

Bradshaw has no beef with Kaepernick protesting, but he believes it’s incredibly disrespectful to do it during the national anthem. I couldn’t agree more.

He’s also right about the idea of mentioning the name of Jesus. People would rather you say ‘God’ than say the word ‘Jesus’. We’ve seen lawsuits all over this country over someone wanting to pray in the name of Jesus in some type of government forum. How far this country has fallen from where it used to be.

Here’s the full interview with Bradshaw:

H/T rightscoop

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