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WATCH: Rioting Thugs Try Blocking Traffic… This Guy Wasn’t Having It At ALL

This is what we all want to do…

The riots that took place on the campus of UC Berkeley Wednesday night weren’t peaceful. At all.

They were filled with violent, alt-left extremists (some of which were undoubtedly students, even though the University immediately denied it) who were hell-bent on causing chaos and carnage.

One common tactic that these oxygen thieves deploy is to block intersections and busy roadways. This not only places their lives in danger, but more importantly, the lives of motorists. It also impedes emergency vehicles and citizens with private emergencies.

One driver found himself blocked in by a mob of these leftist thugs, but he/she had enough. Sitting idly by while these hooligan snowflakes danced around was NOT going to be part of his night, so he took action. Watch below:

As he hit the gas pedal, my heart filled with joy. My only concern at the end is if his/her beautiful BMW was scratched by the liberal heathens he took for a hood ride.

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