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BREAKING: Hillary Staggers To Vehicle, Needs Help Walking On Election Eve

What in the world is wrong with this lady? She’s either drunk, or sick.

Shocking video allegedly shot on the eve of the election (11-7-16) at the Philadelphia airport shows Hillary Clinton barely able to walk to a waiting vehicle. It’s apparent in the video that she’s having a hard time walking without being braced by a handler.

It’s unclear at the time what exactly is happening in this clip, but it could point to something related to her long-rumored medical episodes (which her campaign dismissed as “pneumonia”) or on the heels of recent reports of possible excessive alcohol consumption.

Hillary supporters better hope she’s just buzzed and can sober up with a few cups of coffee before her rare, midnight rally in North Carolina. If it’s a medical issue, pulling out of the rally would be a devastating blow to her campaign just hours before voting begins.

Either way, does this look like a person you want leading the United States of America in the White House?

We’re voting NO WAY.

What say you?


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