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WATCH: Here’s How Reagan Handled UC Berkeley Rioters In 1969

My, how times have changed. Back in 1969, when the late, great President Ronald Reagan was governor of California, liberal snowflakes at UC Berkeley decided to throw a hissy fit, which quickly turned violent and destructive.

What Gov. Reagan did next was something we don’t see much these days when the “tolerant” left morphs from a protest to an all out riot.

Berkeley.edu reported:

Students and activists had begun an attempt to transform a vacant plot of university property into “People’s Park.” Attempting to head off the activists, the university engaged a fencing company, accompanied by 250 police, to erect a chain-link fence around the land at 4 a.m. on May 15, 1969. Five hours later, a rally was called on Sproul Plaza to protest the action. Resource, a current UC Berkeley reference guide for new students, relates the story of how Reagan intervened, sending in the National Guard:

“The rally, which drew 3,000 people, soon turned into a riot, as the crowd moved down Telegraph (Ave.) towards the park. That day, known as Bloody Thursday, three students suffered punctured lungs, another a shattered leg, 13 people were hospitalized with shotgun wounds, and one police officer was stabbed. James Rector, who was watching the riot from a rooftop, was shot by police gunfire; he died four days later.

“At the request of the Berkeley mayor, Governor Ronald Reagan declared a state of emergency and sent 2,200 National Guard troops into Berkeley. Some of these guardsmen were even Cal students. At least one young man had participated in the riots, been shot at by police, gotten patched up, and then returned to his dorm to find a notice to report for guard duty. In the following days approximately 1,000 people were arrested: 200 were booked for felonies, and 500 were taken to Santa Rita jail.”

Thankfully, we once again have a president who, to say the least, takes a no-nonsense approach to these situations. While Trump couldn’t intervene like Reagan did, he took an approach that he knows best — finances. After the riots this week, he immediately threatened to pull their $370 million per year federal grant. Trust me when I say that got some attention from the brass at Berkeley.

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