Wanda Sykes Bashes Trump During Show… Crowd Boos Her Into The GROUND

This is what a classless, wanna-be comedian looks like on stage…

Comedian Wanda Sykes confronted a Boston audience Saturday night after she was booed for making disparaging comments about President-elect Donald Trump at a charity stand-up comedy event.

The 52-year-old comedian and actress was about five minutes into her set at the Cam Neely Foundation’s 22nd annual Comics Come Home fundraiser at TD Garden when she was loudly booed for attacking Trump.

“It’s going to be okay,” Sykes had said. “I am certain this is not the first time we’ve elected a racist, sexist, homophobic president. He ain’t the first one. He’s just the first confirmed one.”

When the comment caused many in the audience to jeer, Sykes appeared to shout expletives at some individuals in the audience and later flipped them the middle finger.

“The evidence is there,” she added as the crowd began to boo. “How could you say he’s not racist? Grab them by the p*ssy? How could you say he’s not sexist?”

Sykes is not the only comedian to have been roundly booed for making comments critical of Trump; in October, hundreds of audience members reportedly stood up and walked out of an Amy Schumer concert when the comedian bashed Trump, calling him an “orange, sexual-assaulting monster.”

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