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VIDEO: Texas Cops Teach Anti-Trump Thugs a Lesson They’ll NEVER Forget

Don’t mess with the Texas boys in blue!

As white, liberal hipster protesters turned what should have been peaceful protests into violent, business-destroying temper-tantrums in cities across the nation, there was at least one group of city cops who decided to make an example out of them.

Anti-Trump protesters marched through the streets of downtown Austin and started acting like little babies, one of the Austin cops took one to the ground for an arrest. He was quickly swarmed by a mob of crying liberal babies, until a fellow cop whipped out his baton, ready for action.

As the crowd drew closer, another cop showed them exactly why one doesn’t mess with Texas with a BRUTAL takedown! See for yourself:

They took down these anti-Trump goons left and right and guess what happened? Nothing burned down. Nobody got shot. Businesses weren’t looted. Imagine that?

Spread this everywhere to show other cities how Texas deals with crybaby snowflakes who didn’t get their way on Nov. 8!

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