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VIDEO: Punk Tries Stealing Booby-Trapped Trump Sign… HA!

Ever since Donald Trump announced his intentions to run for office and Americans started supporting him en masse, liberal Bernie and Hillary-loving punks who think they’re cool have tried stealing Trump signs from his supporter’s yards.

Some just replace them as they’re stolen. A few select others have rigged them to the ground with deep stakes and chains to surprise would-be thieves.

But this homeowner…this guy figured it out. He was sick and tired of these progressive thugs stealing his signs, so he went the extra mile and rigged his seemingly harmless, plain Trump sign with VOLTAGE.

As you’ll see, the punk in the blue sweatshirt thought he was gonna pull a fast one and make off with a Trump sign to show his derelict friends. Instead, he got a permanent electrical-burned reminder on his hand about the consequences of taking other people’s stuff.

We would LOVE to buy this homeowner a beer to celebrate his clever electrical booby-trap. Nice job!

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