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VIDEO: “Peaceful” Anti-Trump Woman Lights Trump Supporter’s Hair On Fire

I hope someone gets arrested

These libs, along with their favorite media networks, absolutely love to claim that the protests against President Donald Trump were what they deem “peaceful.” While there were peaceful elements to some of the protest, there were incidents of assault, violence, property damage and verbal harassment everywhere.

The clip below shows a particularly nasty incident where a Trump supporter’s hair was set on fire by a sneaky liberal woman who thought assaulting someone with a contrasting viewpoint is the best way to debate.

BizPac Review has the story:

“Hillary supporters have now moved on to attempted murder.”

That’s how one observer characterized a disgusting video showing a “peaceful protester” setting a Trump supporter’s hair on fire on Inauguration Day.

The video starts off with a group of hostile anti-Trump protesters surrounding four Trump supporters in a crowd as they shout, “Love trumps hate!”

When one of the Trump supporters poses for a photo, a woman in the crowd sets her hair on fire (see video at 1:14)

If you think someone needs to be in jail over this, let us know on Facebook. 

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