Video: Fellow Lawmaker Flicks Trey Gowdy’s Ear During Interview

This guy is a beast!

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy is well known inside and out of Capitol Hill as one of the toughest, smartest lawmakers this great country is blessed to have representing its people.

He’s tough, he’s fair and he commands respect anywhere he goes. I’m sure he’s probably aware of all this, but even so, he remains a humbled man.

You won’t believe what happened when a fellow lawmaker walked by and flicked Gowdy’s ear while he was doing a LIVE interview with CNN. This is legendary!

IJR reports:

In an effort to further prove Gowdy’s singular focus, Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) decided to attempt an experiment — while Gowdy was doing a live interview with Wolf Blitzer for CNN’s “The Situation Room.”

Duffy walked by while Gowdy was talking, reached into the frame, and flicked the South Carolina congressman’s ear. Gowdy didn’t even blink:

Here’s the full video…

Gowdy’s ability to tune out all distractions and focus on a singular goal will likely come in handy in the future as well — after former National Security Advisor Susan Rice “declined to participate” in an upcoming investigation, Gowdy said that he was prepared to issue a subpoena if necessary.

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