VIDEO: 6-Year-Old Girl BLASTS Hillary With Brutal Insult During Trump Visit

HILARIOUS: 6-Year Old Girl Says Hillary ‘Steals’ During Trump Visit To Pre-School

Donald Trump was visiting a pre-school in New Hampshire on Thursday. During his visit, one of the young girls essentially called his opponent a criminal.

“My heart was squished together, smashed,” the 6-year old said. “One of the ladies who wants to be president is actually bad. She steals.”

From the mouth of babes, as they say.

H/T Sean Hannity

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  1. I will try this again. I feel that Mr. Trump should start the debate with thank yous,then looking straight at the audience and say,( not monitors or cameras or promptors and definitely not notes);”Lets get past the Elephant in the room first. Some years ago I said some real disrespectful things. I was out of line and I want to appoigize for any harm I caused. I can do no more at this point to correct this act. I feel, especially now, that I have changed a lot and can only ask that you give me a chance to show you this. Now I hope we can get on with what it will take US back to being the great nation we were. (I AM WITH YOU MR. PRES. TRUMP)

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