VICTORY: Melania Wins HUGE Lawsuit Against Liberal Blogger In Defamation Case

Hit ’em in the wallet, where it counts

While officially it’s being called a settlement, Melania Trump just raided the pocketbooks of a blogger who made disgustingly false claims about her being a “high-class escort” prior to becoming the First Lady.

It’s one thing to criticize candidates and their families, but publishing outright lies is against the law, as this poor sap just realized. The sum of the settlement was undisclosed, but it was described as “substantial” and what’s even better is that he was forced to retract his statements and apologize.

SFgate has the story:

Melania Trump has reached a settlement with a blogger who suggested that she might have worked as an escort before becoming First Lady, according to a statement on behalf of Trump’s lawyer, Charles Harder.

melania-trump-la-monumental_lP9XSJg-jpg_976x0“The First Lady of the United States has settled her lawsuit against Webster Griffin Tarpley of Maryland,” said the statement, issued Tuesday. “Mr. Tarpley has issued the attached retraction and apology to Mrs. Trump and her family, and agreed to pay her a substantial sum as a settlement.”

In his statement, Tarpley said his story, published last year, was “replete with false and defamatory statements” about Melania Trump.

On the heels of her victory, Melania re-filed a similar suit against the Daily Mail, which published the same rumors. 

I know President Trump once said we’d get tired of winning, but even after all the winning the Trump’s have done in the last 3 weeks, I’m definitely not tired of it. 

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