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U.S. Postal Worker Caught Bragging About Destroying Trump Ballots

If you think for a second that there aren’t Democrats/liberals out there right now abusing their power to do whatever they can to prevent Donald Trump from winning, you’re living in a world of denial.

Voter fraud takes place in many different forms and the example below is one that’s not commonly talked about… but it could have a massive impact on voting — especially if there are multiple operatives doing it.

Here’s “Raandy,” who claims he/she loves tearing up absentee ballots with a Trump vote marked on them.

postal worker trump

This person then goes on to claim that performing such a disgraceful action is “legal.” Typical liberal logic, right?

Naturally, many were upset by the comments. To think that one’s ballot, which should be sacred especially when handled by our own government, is at risk of being destroyed or altered.

Conservative actor Scott Baio weighed in after seeing the disturbing tweet.

The fact that this supposedly happened in Ohio is even worse, since Ohio is a battleground state that Trump MUST win in order to have a shot at taking the election.

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