U.S. Marine Veteran Rigs Trump Yard Sign With Anti-Liberal Booby-Trap

This old Marine knew exactly what to do!

Stealing Donald Trump yard signs has become the new favorite activity of snowflake liberals who, unlike their peers, just aren’t into that whole “job” thing. Why work when Obama will feed you and you can spend the day violating other people’s First Amendment rights?

Isn’t it funny how that works? They’re the first to whine, cry and moan when they feel they’ve had their rights violated, but it’s perfectly acceptable to do it to those with whom they don’t agree with.

But, I digress…

Homeowner Chuck Corry met his breaking point when he had a staggering 5 Trump/Pence signs stolen from his front yard. So he decided to do something about it — something that would cause any future thief a world of regret for taking other people’s stuff.

“This, I think it’s the fifth sign that I’ve had to put up,” Corry said. “I’m a Trump supporter, but I’m also p—– off.”

Corry decided do what the police do when they’re in a high-speed chase with a bad guy; deploy spikes.


He did so using a board with a battery of wicked sharp nails sticking out of it, placed strategically in front of his Trump yard sign.

“They run over it again a couple of times, so that’s why I put the nail board down,” Corry said. “I’ve never run into this kind of problems.”

He went the extra mile and covered the sign in skunk spray for obvious reasons. He also coated it with WD-40 to prevent vandals from painting over it. This guy thought of every possibility, and even anchored it to the ground.

His final thoughts to would-be thieves going after his sign is nothing short of epic.

“I’m an ornery, stubborn old’ bugger,” Corry said. “And, as I said, a Marine. And if you want to play games, OK, I’m good at playing games.”

Semper Fi, Mr. Corry.

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