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Trump Wins The Hearts And Souls Of The South… Does What Obama REFUSES

This is how Trump rolls!

When President Obama received word that Milwaukee was on fire and historic flooding was sweeping across the great state of Louisiana, he only had one thought on his mind — what club he was going to use to finish off the 9th hole at Martha’s Vineyard.

We essentially have ZERO leadership in the White House, as Obama doesn’t seem to care about much while he coasts through his last months in office.

But, the fine folks of Louisiana breathed a sigh of relief when none other than Donald Trump and his VP, Mike Pence, flew in and hit the ground. Not only did they address the problem, but they also talked to the people — the real people — and then shocked the media when they started handing out MUCH needed supplies.

THIS is exactly the type of leader America needs right now. Can you imagine, for a SECOND, Obama handing out supplies to the people in need? Heck no you can’t, because he would NEVER get his hands dirty.

Donald Trump could have easily had people do it for him — he’s a billionaire. But he didn’t. He jumped in line and started doing REAL work.

We’ve never been more proud of a candidate, who just proved to the nation — to the world — that he’s in touch with the people and will respond when help is needed.

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