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Trump To Propose Epic New “Test” For Immigrants… Liberals Are FURIOUS

Extreme times call for extreme measures…

(DailyCaller) Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is expected to propose a political test for all immigrants wanting to come to the United States in order to assess their views on American values.

Immigration candidates would be tested on their position on issues such as religious freedom, gender equality and gay rights, reports the Associated Press. In addition to having the immigrants fill out questionnaires, immigration officials would review their social media accounts and interview friends and family in order to determine whether they support “American values like tolerance and pluralism.”

Trump is expected to propose the plan in a foreign policy speech Monday afternoon in Ohio, where he will also address his plan to fight the Islamic State and outline what he describes as “foreign policy realism” that will put an end to nation building abroad. Any country willing to fight Islamic terrorism would be considered a U.S. ally in his presidency, regardless of other disagreements that country might have with the U.S.

“Mr. Trump’s speech will explain that while we can’t choose our friends, we must always recognize our enemies,” Stephen Miller, Trump senior policy adviser, told the AP.

Of course, social media justice warriors expressed their outrage immediately:




Folks, it’s simple. We have a terrorism problem. That problem is spreading with cancer-like aggressiveness and part of it can be killed with what some would consider extreme vetting of immigrants flowing into Europe and the USA.

Even if it’s only temporary, I think most red-blooded Americans would agree that measures need to be taken to protect our fellow countrymen.

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