Trump-Supporting American BEATEN At Inauguration Party

Someone needs to be in prison for this…

If we took a trip back to 2009 or 2013, on the night before Obama’s inauguration ceremony, did we see Republicans beating Democrats in the head to the point that they bleed? I think not.

The liberal hipster oxygen thieves who assaulted this otherwise friendly, respectful Trump-hat wearing American should be in prison. This is not acceptable, yet most of the MSM will subtly glorify them as if the Trump supporter deserved it.

From Fox News

“I was wearing my ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, and a white male came up behind me and swung at me with a flagpole – I kind of blacked out for a minute,” Allsup told FoxNews.com. “Before I knew it, my head was gushing blood — there’s blood on my Trump hat.”

Allsup told FoxNews.com that he and a friend were simply “grabbing drinks” in the neighborhood and walked through the street where protesters were gathered.

“I’m all for disagreeing, I debate people all the time and I want to engage in these discussions, but they’re throwing bottles,” Allsup told Foxnews.com. “I would be livid if people who supported Trump were doing this to Hillary supporters.”

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