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Trump Supporters Walk Into Restaurant In Gay District… Then All HELL Broke Loose

So much for “tolerance,” eh?

(Breitbart) Two women were briefly arrested on Friday night after a rally for Donald Trump in West Hollywood, a city from which the Republican presidential nominee is officially “banned.”

Earlier, a woman allegedly assaulted Alaskan artist and pro-Trump activist Tim Treadstone, better known by stage name Baked Alaska, outside of a popular Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood.

“This blond girl grabbed my iPhone and threw it as hard as she could to the pavement. And before I could pick it up, the brunette who was throwing the food at people punched me in the head. My glasses and my hat flew off,” Treadstone told Breitbart News Friday evening. “There were claw marks on my neck.”

The alleged assault took place after a pro-Trump rally, which took place at the intersection of Santa Monica and San Vicente Boulevards in front of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station. The event was broadcast live via Periscope.

At the restaurant, pro-Trump ralliers had attempted to dine but were refused service. Instead, patrons hurled food, drinks and slurs at them.

Look, I’d have no problem with the restaurant patrons booing and hissing and talking trash to someone with the opposite beliefs and I’d expect the Trump supporters to give it right back. But, seriously, to refuse someone service based on their political leanings? In America? You have GOT to be kidding me.

This move was made by the same liberals who preach so-called “tolerance” on a daily basis. But liberal tolerance is nothing more than a matter of when it’s convenient for them.

And even though West Hollywood — a widely known gay area of the country — has “banned” Trump from the city, what they fail to realize is that Trump has a much larger gay vote than liberals care to admit.

Rest assured, we’ll see proof of that at the polls in November.

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