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TRUMP STRIKES BACK: Hits Fed Judge Who Reversed Travel Ban HARD

Mr. President is NOT messing around!

It would appear as of Saturday afternoon that the liberal, BLM-supporting federal judge who reversed President Donald Trump’s immigration order banning travel from high-risk, Muslim-majority countries stepped in a great big pile of doody that won’t be washing off anytime soon.

On Friday, Judge James Robart, the US District Court for the Western District of Washington state since 2004, issued a restraining order that immediately put Trump’s travel ban on hold, nationwide.

The Trump admin immediately announced that the DOJ would seek to remedy that ruling, but that hasn’t happened yet. So Trump went on the offensive, and trust me when I say this judge is crapping himself right about now.

Trump first tweeted this reaction after the judge initially made the ruling:

The president then reminded us why we need the travel ban, at least while we sort out the vetting process:

Then it was time to drop the hammer on the liberal judge, declaring his ruling will be overturned:

Dropping more bombs, Trump continued slamming the judge:

And the president’s latest tweet, as of about 15 minutes ago, drove the point home again:

While Trump will be continuously ridiculed by the left for responding to the situation on Twitter, personally I think it’s brilliant. His social media reach is nearly at 100 million followers across all platforms, so he can easily use that to influence when necessary.

Make no mistake, I’m betting this situation favors President Trump before kick-off of Super Bowl 51.

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