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Trump Gets INCREDIBLE News After Mexico Visit… Hillary Is SHAKING With Fear

Atta boy, Mr. Trump!

Not more than a few weeks ago, the liberal mainstream media alongside GOP establishment “NeverTrump” elitists all but wrote off Donald Trump as a realistic presidential candidate based on Hillary’s poll numbers.

But, after the cloud of scandal started to expand over team Hillary and after Trump shocked the media with a surprise visit to Mexico to confront their president face-to-face, numbers began shifting in a big way.

A Fox News poll released on Wednesday showed Hillary leading Trump 41 to 39 percent, a mere 2-point lead that’s within the 3-point margin of error — a statistical tie.

Why is that significant? Because the same poll earlier this month had Hillary with a comfortable 10 percent lead. If you pay attention to these types of polls, it certainly appears that the game is changing quickly.

Other national polls are showing the same downtrend for Hillary, and impressive upticks for Trump.

While we tend to believe other data points, such as social media engagement and even Google data, these traditional polls will at least silence the talking heads on cable news for the time being.

Is anyone else as excited about November as we are? President Donald J. Trump has a darn nice ring to it!

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