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Trump Campaign Manager: Here’s What To Expect From Mike Pence At Tonight’s Debate

With just 35 days to go before Election Day, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in full campaign mode. On Tuesday, their vice presidential picks, Governor Mike Pence (R-IN) and Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA), will take the stage for their only debate. Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway joined Sean on his Fox News program on Monday to discuss what can be expected from Pence’s performance and also what Trump has up his sleeve for debate number two.


While much was made of Trump’s debate preparation techniques, Conway implied that Pence’s approach is much more conventional and the task at hand is clear: attack Clinton’s record and her status as a Washington insider.

“He’s been doing mock debates with Governor Scott Walker (R-WI), and he has been preparing with his senior staff,” she said of Pence. “I think you are going to see tomorrow a feisty Mike Pence take on the record of Hillary Clinton and hold her accountable for the failures of her policies as Secretary of State and also as United States Senator—talk about an unremarkable record.”

Additionally, Conway believes Pence would benefit from talking about his own record as governor of Indiana and a six-term congressman.

“I hope he’ll take some time to talk about his remarkable record as governor of Indiana,” she said. “He cut the unemployment rate in half. He gave a five percent across the board tax cut to both employers and individuals. He has an unbelievable record on manufacturing jobs. He expanded school choice and charters. He came up with an innovative free market plan in response to Obamacare… and he’s a great guy. He’s trusted by people. He’s 12 years in Congress, including 10 years in the Foreign Relations Committee.”

Sean pointed out that despite the Clinton campaign’s attempts to make this election solely about Trump, the American people actually care about a litany of issues that have yet to be fully fleshed out in debate form. Conway agreed and promised both Pence and Trump would be hammering home those issues in the coming weeks.

“On the fundamental level, this election is about what it’s always about: the past versus the future. Change versus status quo. A disruptive outsider versus someone who just screams and wreaks of everything Washington,” Conway said. “Between Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton, you’re talking about decades and decades and decades of being in the government, being on the government payroll, who are getting really nice healthcare that most Americans can’t access and pensions to boot.”

In a preview of next Sunday’s second presidential debate, Conway seemed confident that Trump would thrive in the town hall format, which will allow him to directly speak to some of the big ticket items voters are concerned about.

“I think it is a great format for Donald Trump, who every single day is out there on the stomp engaging with people,” she said. “There are so many issues in Hillary Clinton’s failed policies… I think Donald Trump will be able to get all that out in a town hall format.”

Watch Sean’s full interview with Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway from Monday’s Hannity:

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