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Top 5 EPIC Donald Trump Tweets That Fans Will LOVE

Just in case you’re not a Tweeter…

Nobody in modern history has mastered the social media game like Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. He has single-handedly changed the entire course of the election process through his incredible engagement via social media platforms like Facebook and especially Twitter.

Each week, we’ll recap 5 awesome tweets that for whatever reason, you might have missed. This will be a chance for the non-Twitter folks in the crowd to stay caught up on what Trump has to say.

1. He’s exactly right. These whining GOP elitists care more about image than fighting for the future of American justice.

2. While some think he should change, let us gently remind you that by being himself, he wiped out 16 highly-qualified Republicans to take the nomination. There’s something to be said for that.

3. Some may criticize Trump for being to insistent on the “crooked” media, but the liberal media keeps proving him right, over and over again.

4. We’re enjoying you, too, Mr. Trump! Stay healthy and motivated — that’s all we ask.

5. This is beyond true. Remember a year ago when media pundits said he didn’t stand a remote chance at winning the nomination? Well, look at him now. What blows my mind is that they’re STILL saying the same thing about the general election. Come November, they could be looking pretty stupid.

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