Toby Keith Being Punished Because He Performed For Trump… He Needs Our Support

Taking a step back, let’s think about the 95% of the entertainment industry who supported Obama, Clinton or even Sanders either monetarily or endorsements. Ok…did you ever hear of them taking any flack for that? The answer is no. They were celebrated for “standing up” for their beliefs by their liberal colleagues.

Fast forward to President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Remember when country music LEGEND Toby Keith put on a rockin’, patriotic concert for our new president?

Well, because he made his political stance public, instead of being celebrated for being himself, the intolerant left is trying to ruin him.

Fox News has the story:

A country music festival in Naperville, Ill. is facing pressure to kick Toby Keith out of their lineup after some residents deemed the singer “too political” after his performance at President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Keith, who did not support any candidate in the 2016 presidential election, was forced to defend his decision to perform at the inauguration saying at the time he does not “apologize for performing for our country or military.”

toby keith

The residents of Naperville, where Ribfest will be hosted on June 30, said they protested Keith’s upcoming performance not only because of his inauguration performance, but also because they say some of his lyrics were inappropriate. (Though they did not identify said lyrics.)

“In the current political climate, it seemed overtly polarizing and political,” Naperville resident Amy Kakkuri told the Chicago Tribune.

Despite the protests, Ribfest has defended it’s decision to include Keith and say they will not be nixing him.

Luckily, the people running the festival are being sensible about the situation, but make no mistake — if the violent, crybaby left-wing element of that area bands together and demands Keith be drummed out of town, it’ll probably happen.

So, just in case these morons manage to get Keith booted off the stage, let’s make an effort to support him. Obviously he’s not hurting for money, but money is not the issue. He needs to know that roughly half of Americans truly appreciated what he did.

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