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This Could Be The REAL Reason Hillary Wears Pantsuits… And It’s MIND-BLOWING

Wow, this changes things

Amid recent speculation that Hillary Clinton is riddled with serious health issues, such as the possibility of early Parkinson’s disease or Dementia, eagle-eyed social media users recently spotted some odd inconsistencies in her infamous, unattractive pantsuits that raise a serious question.

Exhibit 1

hillary catheter

Not convinced? Check out exhibit 2

hillary cath pants

Here are 3 interesting opinions from social media users, one who claims to be a 4th year med student:

Dozens, if not hundreds of users are actively searching for more hi-res photos of full-length views of Hillary that might strengthen any evidence that she’s forced to wear a catheter. Here’s the latest from a recent campaign rally which shows a possible bulge inside her left knee:

hillary catheter 2

Of course, this is all speculation and until clearer evidence emerges, it’ll stay that way. But as many have mentioned, this could explain some of the odd faces, or even that time she took an emergency bathroom break during a debate.

What do you think? Is Hillary Clinton wearing a catheter and if so, what’s the underlying cause? Share this on Facebook and let us know!

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