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The NRA Is About To Go To BATTLE For Donald Trump

I’m a member for LIFE!

(SunshineStateNews) The country’s largest pro-gun rights group is lending a helping hand to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in his quest for the Oval Office, spending millions of dollars in over a month worth of commercials.

The National Rifle Association’s political committee, the NRA Political Victory Fund, has spent nearly $3 million to reserve airtime for TV commercials from the beginning of September through the middle of October, according to the latest Kanter Media political ad tracker reports.

Television ads will begin the week of Sept. 5 and continue through Oct. 18 in Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

While the haters continue to hate, make no mistake — organizations like the NRA are going to FIGHT for Donald Trump to win the presidency and with their powerful backing, it’s going to happen. 

Not only did they endorse him earlier than any other GOP candidate, now they’re going to use their huge battle chest to help him beat Hillary Clinton to the White House!

Rest easy, Trump supporters — we got this. 

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