TAKE THE POLL: Who Won The VP Debate?

[ VOTE BELOW] Now that the first and only Vice Presidential debate has come to a close, we’re curious who you think honestly won. Both candidates scored points, but there’s always a winner.

Admittedly, it was hard to watch. The moderator was completely overpowered by both candidates, who within 5 minutes into the debate started bombing each other with semi-vicious insults in defense of their respective running mates.

That being said, they also tossed out quite a bit of policy-driven responses. Who did the best job, Mike Pence or Tim Kaine?

Cast your vote below and let’s let the world know who we think is the best qualified VP!


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  1. Governor pence stayed calm and collected while kain was constantly taking sips of water, like his throat was drying out. I think this is a sign of distress, so I think kain was under a lot of pressure because he had to get up there and lie just like Hillary does. Governor Mike Pence won this debate.

  2. Way to go Mr. Pence! You made us proud!
    Now just get Mr. Trump to take the bait! We don’t care what they think. Stay on point! Love you both!

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