TAKE THE POLL: Trump Called Hillary a Race-Baiter — Is He Right?

[VOTE BELOW] After Hillary Clinton launched a brutal attack on Donald Trump in an effort to paint him as a conspiracy theorist and generally undermine his campaign, Trump didn’t waste any time firing back with his thoughts.

Remember the hot sauce incident? Or the multiple times Hillary pretended to speak with a black tone in front of black audiences? Or the many other occasions when she pandered to the black community? It would be difficult to argue with Trump on his statement, would you say?

Vote below and tell us if you think Hillary is as much of a race-baiter as Al Sharpton.


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  1. Yes TRUMP you still have my vote!!! Anyone who claims they never heard these words 11 years ago are fucking liars and especially the establishment !’!!! They have all got girlfriends and the older ones already had. Their hay day!!! Who are they kidding??? That’s been going on for years and I’m old enough to know!!!

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