TAKE THE POLL: Should Rudy Giuliani Be Trump’s Homeland Security Director?

(VOTE BELOW) Former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani — often referred to as “America’s Mayor,” has been an ally of Donald Trump from the beginning. When everyone else was bashing Trump, Giuliani stood by his side.

While we would’ve loved to see him as a VP running mate, another attractive position for the patriotic, no-nonsense mayor would be the Director of Homeland Security. His extensive law enforcement record speaks for itself.

Part of the fun of this election is picking Trump’s “dream team” cabinet, and we think this is a valid choice worth considering. But we’d like to ask you — is Giuliani the man for this job?

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  1. I do not want to name anyone for Donald Trump’s team, he has always been in the business of putting the right people on the right job. I do however hope he can use Trey Gowdy,and Ben Carson….now if you need my help on anything else just let me know…I certainly am for Trump for president……..

  2. Praying Trump doesn’t choose Mitt Romney! Use the people who helped get him elected like Rudy,Huckabee, Newt,Sheriff Clark, Laura Ingram, judge Jeanine, Sean hannity,ben carson, i am with happy with jeff sessions,flynn, mad dog,rience & Bannon!

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