TAKE THE POLL: Should President Obama Be Impeached?

We get it. President Obama only has a few months left in office. Hallelujah, right? With that being said, there are many pundits, experts and most importantly, American citizens, who think he’s broken one too many laws since the beginning of his term in 2008.

While some sources have listed massively long lists of what they call “impeachable offenses,” we’ll save that for another article, as it’ll be a long read.

But, here are a few memorable ones:

  1. Operation Fast & Furious
  2. Illegal targeting of conservative groups by the IRS
  3. Lied about letting people keep their health insurance and the cost of Obamacare
  4. No congressional support for military ops in Libya
  5. Failure to secure our borders

Again, the list goes on and on. We want to ask YOU, the reader, if you still think impeachment charges should be brought against him this late in his second term. VOTE BELOW!

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