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TAKE THE POLL: Should Hillary Be Disqualified From Running For President?

Being under FBI investigation, twice, doesn’t exactly inspire confidence…

Being under federal investigation while running for the office of the United States president is awkward enough, but when it happens TWICE, it raises all sorts of ethics questions.

On the heels of the bombshell announcement from FBI Director James Comey that Hillary Clinton’s email investigation was officially reopened, there have been a growing number of calls from lawmakers, pundits and American voters for her to drop out of the race and pass the baton to Kaine.

After-all, what happens if she does manage to become president and the FBI eventually recommends charges? That nightmare scenario will present Constitutional challenges unlike any we’ve ever seen.

So, what say you? Should Hillary Clinton be disqualified for running for the presidency? Take our poll below and make your voice heard!

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