TAKE THE POLL: Donald Trump Says Hillary Is “Guilty As Hell” — Do You Agree?

[VOTE BELOW] Not long ago, during a fiery campaign rally in San Jose, California, Donald Trump manned the podium and absolutely shredded Hillary Clinton on a variety of issues. His primary message was that Hillary loves to take orders from Obama — even though she used to hate him — because she doesn’t want to go to prison.

Folks, honestly, she’s guilty as hell,” Trump said after laying out all the evidence before the crowd. As you can imagine, the crowd went absolutely insane with applause and agreement.

We want to ask you — Do you agree with Mr. Trump that Hillary Clinton is guilty as hell? Vote anonymously below!


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  1. If any normal person had done what she has done they would be locked up for life. She is no better than the common working person and should be locked up for LIFE.

  2. What in God’s name is wrong with you people!!! Hillary has this election. Wow, I can’t believe anyone defending this psychopath.

  3. I guess people like the same old same old, of getting screwed, if you vote for the lying bitch, bend over ..you deserve what you get, an ass, F_CK_ng!!!!! Buy some cream…., for your stupid asses!!!!!

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