TAKE THE POLL: Do You Still Think Trump Has a Shot At Winning?

We need to hear from Trump supporters…

[VOTE BELOW] I’ve recently been vocal about the lack of importance polling plays in this highly unconventional election cycle, at least at the current time. But others — such as the anti-Trump GOP elitists and of course the many minions of Hillary Clinton — think recent polls have already signified the fall of Trump’s campaign.

They give him practically zero chance of winning.

Obviously, what these polls aren’t taking into account is Trump’s unprecedented engagement through social media. I give the pollsters the benefit of the doubt on this one because nobody has harnessed the power of social media like Trump has — and quite honestly, they probably don’t know how to measure and factor it into the bigger picture. But, whatever.

With that being said, bottom line, do you think Donald Trump has a good chance at beating Hillary come November 8th? Vote anonymously below!

I know we’re just a little ol’ website in our corner of the web, but if you’re a Trump supporter, please share this on Facebook with like-minded supporters in the rare chance that, just maybe, the right people see it.


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  1. I don’t worry about him being the best, and I think would win in a great landslide but dems have such a way of cheating. Our hope and my prayer is that all their cheating will fail and that he will win. Can’t stand the thought of Hillary being our president. If so, I wish I could afford to leave the country.

  2. Trump will win landslide. Today State dept admitted $400M was ransome. Put Obama with Hillary in jail where they belong

  3. He will win as long as Obama and Hillary have the computers rigged so his votes go to Clinton like Obama did last time.

  4. If they can find away to keep the Dems from cheating then Trump will win be a land slide. But right now they are making the polls high for killary so when they rig the voting machines they think people will not notice. But trust me we will, because that is the only way she can win is to cheat. GO TRUMP ALL THE WAY TO THE WHITE HOUSE.

  5. The Liberals are so corrupt there is no way to know the real numbers. If social media is any gauge it will be a LANDSLIDE…hang on to your stool Hillary, your going to need it!!!

  6. My husband and I are TRUMP ALL THE WAY!
    Restore LAW and Order
    Make America Great Again
    Let no more refugees in until half of the crap is
    sent home!!!!
    Build Walls as HIGH as possible
    Shove political correctness up the liberal behinds
    Have a First Lady who is Regal……NOT,
    A First Man who is a pervert, a liar, a murderer,
    and on the verge of full blown Dementia.

  7. I and most of my family have your 6 Donald!! I wish I could say all of them but there is just no fixing stupid!!

    • In my family we don’t hide stupid or crazy we prop them up on the front porch, hand them a cocktail and call them Liberals

  8. We need someone like Trump, loves America, is bold and brash and will have the guts to cut the government, get rid of the criminals that steel our money, hopefully put congress on a limited term limits, correct the illegals coming into our Country, particularly the ones that then want to change it to the country that they left!!

  9. Iwill vote for Trump & I have 10 grandchildren ages 25 to 43 & they will be voting for Trump & their spouses will vote Trump too.

  10. going to be a landslide but media want you to believe he is losing so you won’t go to the polls and vote but don’t believe them get out and vote for Trump and let’s clobber the media liers.

  11. We need to have both attorneys and loyal cops in the polling places on election day to ensure that this election is not stolen!!!!!

  12. I truthfully think Hillary is a pathological liar , the Clinton family is corrupt … Do we really want this family in the White House???

  13. In this unusual election season I do not think to poles are correct!
    I feel the are many people that would not tell the truth for fear of
    Reprisals for there Trump choice. But at the voting booth they will be smart
    And vote Trump!

  14. The biased left media in America creates an opinionated false negative regarding what they “think” Donald Trump said. Then they go about repeating it as if it were fact and commentary it to death. The DNC and Hilary PACs do the very same thing with their advertising.

  15. Donald Trump is the Best one still (out of the 2)!! No matter what he has said ,the media turns it around to mean something he didn’t say or people just misunderstand him. Trump 2016!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Donald TRUMP should be PRESIDENT, and if the CROOKED system we have in our country excepts the people votes he’ll win…however, we’ll have a battle in this country……it’s not TRUMP against the ESTABLISHMENT…IT’S THE PEOPLE……..WE want our country back, TRUMP can do it…however his problem will be right in WASHINGTON D.C., however if he doesn’t play ball which so far he hasn’t, we’ll see a change that will end a lot of waste….the “GOOD OLD BOYS’, CLUB will be CLOSE…..most will re-tire, most will be fired, let go because of waste cut…down sizing as our work places had been cut, sent over seas, yes, what goes around will come around…I think we’ll see soon……..


  18. The people that are voting for Trump are the silent majority, and they are a lot. It will be a surprise if he looses that means there was a lot of cheating.

  19. Hillary’s media is so desperate in digging up malicious actions by Trump during his lifetime. They overlooked the one incident where Trump blew his nose while walking on 5th Ave in NYC. Isn’t this a pathetic situation? Trump is still the very best man as our next s President.
    Hillary should be in prison! Amen.

  20. I pray for the safety of D. Trump and his family from the likes of our potus and hrc and their criminal followers. jJust knew they were going to get nasty, never realizing how nasty it is getting, the closer we get to 8 Nov.! Be Strong, to the point and most of all keep your cool, Mr. President.

  21. I don’t care about his talk Hillary has had over 30 years of talking and produced nothing. Let the media provide true reporting on both sides and guess what…. she loses. She has 100 million by selling what? She has no business in which she earned any of her money. Ponzi scheme to the max…. vote TRUMP Trump and let’s see some real transparency across the board. Vote Trump and watch our economy grow. Vote Trump and watch our American values strengthen across the globe not only in America. Bottom line vote TRUMP and save our country.

  22. Give me a break. Look at all of the fonies running away from him, like they never talked like that before. That’s BS, I’m still with Trump all the way

  23. Yes I think he has the way to win if he can just beat Hillary she just comes up with every dirty trick in the book

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