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TAKE THE POLL: Do You Still Think Trump Has a Shot At Winning?

We need to hear from Trump supporters…

[VOTE BELOW] I’ve recently been vocal about the lack of importance polling plays in this highly unconventional election cycle, at least at the current time. But others — such as the anti-Trump GOP elitists and of course the many minions of Hillary Clinton — think recent polls have already signified the fall of Trump’s campaign.

They give him practically zero chance of winning.

Obviously, what these polls aren’t taking into account is Trump’s unprecedented engagement through social media. I give the pollsters the benefit of the doubt on this one because nobody has harnessed the power of social media like Trump has — and quite honestly, they probably don’t know how to measure and factor it into the bigger picture. But, whatever.

With that being said, bottom line, do you think Donald Trump has a good chance at beating Hillary come November 8th? Vote anonymously below!

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