SNL Finally Scores! Fake Ad Offering Libs Their Own “Bubble” to Live In Is One for the Ages

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Did you see last weekend’s cold open on Saturday Night Live?

Kate McKinnon, playing Hillary Clinton, sang “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen in what was the most overt and despicable showing of pro-Clinton bias you’re likely to ever see.

Places like SNL haven’t been able to separate their progressive views from their art, because they haven’t caught on to the fact that the majority of the nation is red!

However, every now and then the long-running series gets something right.

Check out this hilarious clip called “The Bubble,” a place where liberals can live come January 20th.

From BizPac Review:

The show played a fake ad offering a bubble of their very own world to those who don’t want to deal with such things as the presidential election.

The Bubble was billed as “a place where the unthinkable didn’t happen and life could continue for progressive Americans just as before.”

And how does the Bubble accomplish this feat?

“We streamlined our high-speed internet with only good sites, like HuffPost, Daily Cos Netflix documentaries about sushi rights and the explosive comedy of McSweeney’s,” the spokeswoman said in the ad.

H/T Young Conservatives 

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