Sheriff Clarke Reveals SICK Reason Obama Didn’t Visit Louisiana Sooner

And he’s EXACTLY right…

We all know by now that conservative law enforcement rock star, Sheriff David Clarke Jr., isn’t a man who pulls punches. If you mess up, he’ll tell you straight up. After all, that’s the cowboy way, right?

He gave Obama a giant dose of Clarke-style truth by revealing the most likely reason Obama couldn’t be bothered to interrupt his luxurious vacation at Martha’s Vineyard sooner, in order to do what presidents are supposed to do — give people comfort.

Folks, this is so true. “Not enough blacks” were affected by the floods, Obama thought, that would allow him to play a race card and rip open the racial divide more than he’s already managed to do.

Let’s just be thankful we have men like Clarke and Trump who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and tell the truth when it needs to be told.

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