Sen. McCaskill Busted In Huge Lie After Demanding Sessions’ Resignation

Sen. Claire McCaskill, the disgusting politician who has jumped on the Republican witch-hunt train in an effort to force Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign, has just been outed in a massively ironic lie.

Should she resign too, then? Hannity has the story below:

Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill has been caught lying over meetings with the Russian ambassador to the United States. Her conflicting tweets expose the liberal deception taking place over Attorney General Sessions and his ‘ties’ with Moscow.

The Senator took to Twitter Thursday and insisted that she’s been on the Armed Services Committee for over a decade and has never called or met the Russian Ambassador.

McCaskill’s categorical denial was quickly contradicted–by her own Twitter timeline. Apparently the Senator forgot she met with the Russian Ambassador in January of 2013:

And AGAIN in August of 2015:

And just in case you weren’t already convinced McCaskill wasn’t telling the truth, here’s one more piece of evidence:


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