School Makes Sick Move Against 12-Year-Old Trump Supporter Attacked On Bus

This is unacceptable

Not once do I recall reading a story that involved children wearing Obama, Hillary or Bernie clothing items who were attacked for it. Even if I had, I guarantee you the victim in that situation wouldn’t have suffered the same unfair fate that this poor 12-year-old Trump supporter did. 

This is outrageous and proves once again that the “tolerant” left is full of nothing but fear and hate.

Milo has the story:

A 12-year-old boy in Chesterfield, Missouri was involved in a physical altercation on a school bus, after children began arguing with the boy, who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Cell phone footage of the event was captured, but not released to the public. KMOV explains that the students can be heard arguing over the president’s promise to build a wall on America’s southern border. Soon after, the children began pushing each other and some punches were allegedly thrown.

The child wearing the Trump has was suspended for the incident and his mother had mixed feelings about the punishment.

“I feel like my son was made an example of, it was a tricky situation, it was politically charged.”

A spokesperson for the school district said that the investigation of the incident is over and anyone involved has faced “consequences.” It’s unclear, however, if all students involved were suspended like the boy with the Trump hat.

Many supported the student on Twitter:

I think most of you reading this will agree 100% with the mother’s thoughts. This appears to be a politically motivated punishment because the boy was sporting a #MAGA hat. 

Remember, free speech is only tolerable to the left if they agree with it. 

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