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POMPEO CONFIRMED: CIA Swamp Draining Begins

Now we can get to work. ISIS, watch your backs!

Don’t get us wrong, we were never anti-CIA, but if one is being completely honest, under the Obama administration, they very publicly took the path of letting politics get in the way of their primary mission.

Now that Mike Pompeo has been confirmed as the Director Of the CIA, agents can now return to what they do best — keeping America safe around the world. This is a top-notch agency and it finally has a top-notch leader to guide them.

American Military News has the story:

On Monday evening, three days after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, Republican Congressman from Kansas Mike Pompeo was officially confirmed by the Senate to be the CIA Director in the Trump Administration. He will be sworn in by Vice President Mike Pence on Monday night.

Pompeo was expected to be confirmed on Friday after Trump took office, but a number of Senate Democrats obstructed the Republican Congressman from becoming CIA director in time to accompany Donald Trump on his trip to the CIA building on Saturday. Senator Tom Cotton, a Pompeo supporter, slammed Democrats for delaying the process.

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