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POLL: Would You Support Chuck Norris As Trump’s Head Of Homeland Security?

[VOTE BELOW] If we know anything about Donald Trump’s proposed policies, it’s the fact that he’s going to launch a major crackdown on the southern border in an effort to keep out criminal illegal aliens.

Having said that, part of the fun this year is picking Trump’s “dream team” cabinet and while thinking who might best serve as Trump’s Secretary of Homeland Security — one name shot to the top of my list — the legendary CHUCK NORRIS.

Norris has been extremely vocal on border security for the entire duration of the Obama regime. It doesn’t hurt that his perspective comes from the heart, given he’s a Texan with genuine concern for what’s happening to his state.

Without further ado, what say you? Would you support Chuck Norris as the Secretary of Homeland Security in a Donald Trump administration? Vote anonymously below!

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