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POLL: Who Should Pay For The Border Wall? Mexico, USA or 50/50 Split?

What say you?

[VOTE BELOW] President Trump sent shock waves through the political left yesterday when he announced that he would hold true to perhaps his most important promise during his campaign — to build a wall on the United States southern border.

Mind you, that was after months of “NeverTrumpers” and liberals proclaiming he would never build a wall and that it was a populist scheme to get more support. They’re definitely eating their own feet right about now.

Having said that, now that the The Wall has been confirmed and planning has already begun, the big question is — who will pay for it. Trump-haters have now pivoted to this subject, claiming U.S. taxpayers will be stuck with the bill.

Trump supporters believe that our new president will use his slick “Art of the Deal” skills to make Mexico pay for the wall (as he promised)…perhaps when he renegotiates the NAFTA trade agreement?

Ultimately, who should be responsible for the wall? The United States, Mexico, or should we split the cost 50/50? Vote below! 

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