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POLL: Should Hillary Drop Out Of The Race After Her “Medical Episode?”

Let’s face it — Hillary Clinton didn’t do her campaign any favors Sunday after her “episode” caused her to lose control of her legs and resembled more of what might happen to a stroke victim rather than someone who was simply “overheated.”

By the way, it was barely 80 degrees with low humidity in New York City when it happened — so that weak excuse is a tad difficult to believe.

Having said that, later that day, Hillary’s doctor confirmed she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. Why did her campaign hide that little tidbit for two days? Is “pneumonia” code for something else far more serious? Many think so.

So, how about we get very realistic and ask the question that’s on millions of voters’ minds: Should Hillary go ahead and throw in the towel for this election cycle? Vote anonymously below.

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