POLL: If Lady Gaga Trashes Trump At Halftime, Will You Boycott The Super Bowl?

[VOTE BELOW] The latest buzz surrounding Super Bowl 51 is arguably it’s most important attraction (at least from the NFL’s perspective) — the controversial Lady Gaga. Her performance will draw millions of otherwise uninterested viewers.

During the halftime show, Lady Gaga is set to perform for 13 minutes in front of tens of millions around the world. But, the unknown that has many uncomfortably nervous is what she’ll do in that allotted time.

Many are suggesting she’s set to use at least part of the show to publicly trash President Donald Trump over his recent executive orders concerning immigration. Gaga hasn’t hidden her dislike for Trump throughout the campaign and post-election.

So, we want to know — if she decides to pull an anti-Trump or otherwise liberal stunt using the platform of one of the most widely-watched sporting events of the year, will you change the channel?

Vote below and let us know.

This is one of the only ways we can let the NFL know that if she does, in fact, use the Super Bowl to make a scene because she doesn’t agree with your viewpoint, that we won’t be giving them any more of our time.

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