PLOT TWIST: Trump Has a New Opening To Win Against Liberal Court

The Trump-hating left, who have bragged about Trump’s “defeat” by the disgustingly liberal 9th Federal Appeals Court are about to enjoy a massive serving of foot.

Moments ago, breaking reports indicated that one of the judges on the 9th circuit panel has requested that the court decide if there should be a re-hearing to issue a ruling on whether or not the hold on the travel ban should be lifted.

JPost has the breaking story:

A U.S. federal appeals court on Friday asked the Justice Department and the state of Washington to submit briefs on whether a larger panel of judges should decide if President Donald Trump’s travel ban should remain on hold.

A three-judge 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals panel on Thursday refused to reinstate the ban, which temporarily halts travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, while litigation over its constitutionality is proceeding.

Folks, what this means is that one of the judges on the 9th circuit is NOT an anti-Trump liberal and decided to use his/her power to put this halt on Trump’s travel ban to the test. 

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