Piers Morgan Creates List Of 9 Things Liberals Need To Stop Doing After Trump’s Victory


TV personality and newsman Piers Morgan wasn’t exactly a Trump fan during this election cycle.

He’s a big time liberal who has drawn the ire of conservatives on more than one occasion.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know politics and is incapable of figuring out what happened in the election.

He came up with 9 things that liberals, specifically millennials, need to stop doing and he totally nailed it.

From IJ Review:

Here’s the bulletpoint list he has for millennials who need to get on with it and get back to living:

  • STOP crying.
  • STOP taking personal days off work to ‘process’ what happened.
  • STOP huddling with your equally distraught buddies in Starbucks over your Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha.
  • STOP howling away on social media about how unfair life is and how it’s the end of the planet as we know it.
  • STOP updating the exact number Hillary won the popular vote by, because it doesn’t bloody matter.
  • STOP marching around screaming your fury at the result when many of you couldn’t even be bothered to vote.
  • STOP retweeting all your favourite celebrities’ own outbursts of pique, rage and anguish.
  • STOP demanding the Electoral College reverse the decision in December.
  • In short, STOP being such a faux-tormented bunch of absolutely deluded cretins.

Spot on, by British standards. Piers Morgan posed the all-important question to the unstrung youngsters, then threw in a biting kicker:

Want to know why Trump is going to be your next president?

It’s because he is what’s called a ‘winner’.

Can’t argue with that. Spot on analysis.

The general attitude outlined above directly contributed to Donald Trump’s victory.

Your candidate lost fair and square. She ran a really, really bad campaign.

Get over it. Move on with your life.

Props to Piers.

H/T Young Conservatives 

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